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Semiconductor Automation

Hine Automation, LLC is a designer and manufacturer of automation systems and robotic components.  Serving the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the semiconductor, solar, flat panel display and related industries around the world, the company’s robotic components are based on the quality and reliability of the well-known Hine robotics. Hine satisfies a wide range of needs from flexible research and development environments to demanding manufacturing environments.

Drop-in Replacements

Hine also meets the growing need for “drop-in” replacement of aging robotic handlers on thousands of existing semiconductor tools. The state of the art Hine systems give you superior reliability and speed, with fast return on investment. Designs can be customized for your requirements.

Automate your Existing Tools

Hine robotics and handlers can be economically retrofitted to existing tools in the field. This greatly increases throughput and reduces the need to invest in costly new tools, saving you money.

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