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GVSU-500B Vacuum Scroll Pump

Part Number: IWGVSU500B

Anest Iwata invented the scroll vacuum pump and continues to be a world leader in this technology. Their unique dual-opposing bearing design creates minimal vibration and noise, and greatly increases time between maintenance cycles. In addition, by promoting smooth operation, the bearing design reduces heat generation, which in turn allows air-only cooling and increases energy efficiency. Anest Iwata offers scroll pumps with pumping speeds ranging from 2.1CFM to 42CFM.

  • 18.4 CFM
  • 4.5x10-1 Torr
  • NW25, NW25


Overall Description GVSU-500B Vacuum Scroll Pump
Pumping Speed 18.4 CFM
Ultimate Pressure 4.5x10-1 Torr
Inlet/Outlet NW25, NW25
Phase Three
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