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Quark(TM) Rack-Mounted Deposition Controller

Part Number: PT-QTFM

Drawing from their extensive background in cutting edge crystal oscillator design and hands on industrial experience, Phillip Technologies introduces a new film thickness controller that packages an ultra-fhigh resolution thin film deposition control system into a standard 19-inch rack mount enclosure.

The Quark houses leading edge technology derived from Phillip Technologiess Nucleus Plus frequency-temperature compensating circuitry and combines it with a touch screen display, full complement of input and output relays, and even memory stick portability of process recipes! Designed with the same level of dependability and precision of all Phillip Technologies products, the Quark controller supports up to 4 sources and sensors (2 standard), co-deposition functionality, real time frequency-temperature curve generation, and 500°C crystal operation.

The Quark system also includes an over-temperature detection function with relay triggers (in the event your sensor cooling fails) and input/output-programmability that gives you full system control of all controller functions. The Quark" is expandable to include additional components such as an external control pad on the front panel and additional sensor and I/O cards on the rear.

Surpassing conventional monitors and controllers that are blind to thermal changes of the crystal, the Quark measures crystal temperature changes as it monitors. This combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented accuracy in real-time rate and film thickness monitoring. Combine this with their RC or MQ radiation resistant crystals, and you have a level of film thickness control unmatched by any other film thickness company in the world.

  • Real-time temperature compensation, Touchscreen


Description Quark(TM) Rack-Mounted Deposition Controller
Features Real-time temperature compensation, Touchscreen
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