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Nucleus Plus (TM) Film-Thickness Deposition Rate Controller

Part Number: PT-TFC

When Phillip Technologies re-imagined a new level of dependability and precision in the world of thin film deposition, it became clear that a revolutionary new sensor head would require a completely cutting-edge approach to monitoring and control. Introducing the Nucleus Plus" PC-Based Film Thickness Controller.

Unlike conventional systems that simply supply digital data to a personal computer through a modified oscillator, Nucleus Plus" is a combined software and hardware solution that is capable of real-time temperature measurement, heater control.

The Nucleus Plus" is so revolutionary because it is able to measure frequency and temperature simultaneously, allowing for real-time correction of any natural frequency drift in the crystal during heating. Any process that requires heated crystals or high measurement accuracy will see exponential improvement, leading to the highest accuracy possible as well as enabling continuous crystal operation without cooling. Combining the Nucleus Plus" PC Based Film Thickness Controller with Phillip Technologiess RC Crystal allows for a degree of monitoring and control never before imagined in the world of thin film. Available also as a monitor for reduced cost.

  • Real-time temperature measurement


Description Nucleus Plus (TM) Film-Thickness Deposition Rate Controller
Features Real-time temperature measurement
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