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Sensor Array

Electron(TM) Multiple Crystal Sensor Head

Part Number: PTMS

The Electron is Phillip Technologiess multiple crystal sensor head, designed for high vacuum thin film deposition and available in two formats. The Electron-12" is capable of holding twelve, 14 mm industry-standard crystals, and the Electron-24" is designed for twenty-four 8.6 mm crystals.

By utilizing an in-vacuum stepper motor system for crystal indexing, Electron" takes a step forward from conventional and often unreliable pneumatic technology. One-quarter inch water cooling tubes keep the sensor head thermally stable, maintain ing the head and stepper motor within an optimum operating temperature range, yet still allowing flexibility in sensor placement.

Electron" is best used with Phillip Technologiess exclusively patented RC-cut" crystals, allowing for operation up to 200°C, which is shown to improve crystal life. When Combined with the Nucleus Plus" Controller, the total Electron" System is optimized for maximum uptime, dependability, accu- racy, and performance.

  • 1" Bolt, KF, CF


Description Electron(TM) Multiple Crystal Sensor Head
Flange Options 1" Bolt, KF, CF
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