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ta7000 UHP Gas Purity Monitors

As semiconductor technology advances, wafer fabrication processes become more complex and vulnerable to disruption. To protect product quality and maintain yield, process engineers require their UHP gas distribution systems to comply with ever more stringent purity standards. The ta7000 gas purity monitors are designed specifically to meet the newest challenges faced by the semiconductor industry.

The ta7000 platform includes a dedicated sample processing system, a single high sensitivity detector and on-board data analysis electronics. Two distinct models are available and each is equipped to detect a wide range of common gas impurities: ta7000R detects H2 and CO with a Reduction Gas Detector, and the ta7000F detects CO2, CH4 and non-methane hydrocarbons using a Flame Ionization Detector. Both models have a detection limit below500 ppt. 

Trace Analytical ta7000F FID Gas Analyzer
  • Greater of +/- 0.25 ... Accuracy
  • 0 - 199 ppb
  • 10 minutes to ...
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Trace Analytical ta7000R RGD Gas Analyzer
  • Greater of +/- 0.25 ... Accuracy
  • 0 - 199 ppb
  • 5 minutes to ...
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