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McAllister MA series Manipulator

Standard features and benefits: Adjustable, crossed roller bearings for extra rigidity. Bellows I.D. 1.39" (35 mm) in the MA1000 Series (circular pattern). Bellows I.D. 1.89" (48 mm) in the MA2000 Series (square pattern). Compact, rugged design with full Z axis frame provides extra rigidity to allow strokes to 12" (300 mm). No flimsy, unsupported guide rods! Large micrometers are available. XY travel ± 0.5" (12.5 mm) circular or square pattern). Resolution to >0.0001" (2.5 µ ) with large micrometers. Repeatability to >0.00005" (1.25 µ ) with large micrometers. Resolution to >0.001" (10 µ ) with small micrometers. Repeatability to >0.0005" (5 µ ) with smallmicrometers.

MA2010 XYZ Manipulator
  • 10" Stroke
Quote M125010
MA2012 XYZ Manipulator
  • 12" Stroke
Quote M125012
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