• Hardware and Chambers

    Hardware & Chambers

    Atlas aluminum chambers have 1x10^-7 lower Hydrogen permeability than 304 or 316L stainless steel. This reduces outgassing rates down to 10^-14 Torr l/sec per cm2, making Atlas Chambers ideal for XHV applications.

  • Valves

    Vacuum Valves

    Pascal offers the complete line of Edwards valves - from butterfly valves to gate, vent, and specialty valves.

  • Electrical and Hermetic Feedthroughs


    Pascal offers a wide range of electrical, hermetic
    and water-cooled feedthroughs.

  • Gauging and Controllers

    Vacuum Gauging

    Televac's line of gauging and controllers spans from low vacuum to XHV, helping you measure your process with precision.

  • High Voltage Power Supplies

    HV Power Supplies

    High Voltage Concepts power supplies are
    ideal for DC Sputtering, E-Beam and
    X-ray applications.

  • Motion and Manipulation

    Motion & Manipulation

    McAllister manipulators are the most compact on the market, with precision alignment of up to 5 thousandths of a degree.

    Alma ferrofluidic motion feedthroughs are
    also highly compact, with flexible mounting
    geometries, high positional accuracy and
    simple, yet exact centering that does not
    require additional parts.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition

    Atomic Layer Injection

    Bihur Crystal's Atomic Layer Injection system allows for deposition of fragile bio and macromolecules and nanoparticles into vacuum and UHV environments. ALI is particularly suitable for large or delicate molecules that are destroyed or damaged by conventional deposition processes.

  • Instrumentation and Pumping Carts

    Pumping & Equipment Carts

    Pascal offers individually designed and assembled vacuum pumping and instrumentation carts, built according to your application and specifications. Our engineers work with you to optimize for your needs, and each cart is carefully handcrafted by our experienced vacuum technicians.