Turmoil offers a complete line of oil and coolant coolers for many applications, including machine tools, medical diagnostic imaging equipment, linear motors, hydrostatic bearings, lasers, x-ray equipment, EDM, and high speed spindles. With capacities from 2,000 to 360,000 BTU/HR, Turmoil coolers are available for Closed-Loop, Open-Loop, In-Line or Drop-In tank applications.

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    With cooling capacities from 2050 to 360,000 BTU/h, and Open Loop, Closed Loop, In-line, and Drop-in variants, Turmoil chillers can be configured to meet any need. 

    • Complete temperature control (analog or digital with ±0.5ºF variance)
    • Heavy-Duty Construction
    • Ozone-Friendly Refrigerants
    • Conforms to NEC, UL...
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