High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Concepts power supplies are renowned for their extremely low failure rate and cost-effectiveness, while remaining incredibly accurate - they are manufactured to meet the most stringent standards required by the U.S. Military. In addition, they provide friendly and fast technical support for any technical issues you may have. If your power supply needs factory servicing, it will ship back the same day, keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum.


  • DC Sputtering Power Supplies
    • Up to 100kV Output
    • 115/220 VAC Input Standard (Available in 85-265 VAC, Power Factor Corrected)
    • Rugged and Designed to Last
    • Standard 5 ¼  19 Rack Mount {5.25 H x 19 L}  "Half  Rack Mount" available
    • Front Panel Digital LED Meters & Controls
    • Available in Standard Ripple and Ultra Low Ripple
    • OEM and Custom Designs available
    • Remote Monitoring and Programming Standard HVC Pin-out. (Analog Configurable & RS-232 available)
    • Automatic Voltage, Current Crossover (Power Regulation available)
    • Self Protection from Arc, Voltage, Current, and Temperature


        Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice 

  • E-Beam Power Supplies
  • X-Ray Power Supplies
  • Thermal Evaporation Power Supplies