Atomic Layer Deposition

Bihur Crystal provides a solution for deposition of organic and delicate molecules, utilizing a unique process which avoids the high temperatures and energy levels of traditional deposition methods that destroy these molecules. Learn more about ALI at

Bihur also offers extremely high quality curved and topological crystals for research.


  • Atomic Layer Injection

    ALI (Atomic Layer Injection) allows the deposition of nanomaterials (molecules, nanotubes, nanoparticles,…) in UHV from solution. This technique is particularly useful in cases where a material cannot be deposited by sublimation (e.g. large or delicate molecules). For more information on how this works, read this article on the Journal of Applied Physics website.

  • Crystals

    Bihur Curved crystals are very useful for studying material properties dependent on terrace width (e.g. surface electron behavior).

  • Topological Insulators

    This new kind of material is enabling a whole range of technologies of the future, from new sensors to spintronics and quantum computing. They are characterised by an insulating bulk, but also surface gapless (conducting) states protected by time-reversal symmetry protection, which prevents back-scattering on defects.