Turbo Pumps

Edwards Vacuum turbomolecular pumps have been the benchmark for decades, with a vast install base spread over many applications. They are especially known for high technical performance, reliability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The nEXT bearing-type models have a very compact design, and are thus ideal for R&D, high-energy physics, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, and industrial applications. The STP mag-lev models feature extremely low vibration and are focused on semiconductor, markets, UHV, and other specialty applications.

For more details on Edwards turbopumps, visit https://www.edwardsvacuum.com/nEXT/, or download a brochure to the right:


  • Edwards nEXT Turbopumps

    The nEXT series of turbopumps has been designed to combine all the latest technological advances while providing end-user serviceability and delivering a truly class leading product. Pump sizes available offering true 240, 300 and 400 litres per second pumping speed performance (N2). 

  • Edwards STP Maglev Turbopumps

    The STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the first choice for high-up time, hydrocarbon free pumping. The multi-axis magnetic bearing system is used to suspend the rotor during operation, ensuring there is no risk of contamination while minimizing vibration, noise and maintenance requirements. The STP pumps can be fully interfaced with advanced controllers to operate on a wide range of applications and processes.