Scroll Pumps

Oil-free scroll pumps offer many benefits over traditional rotary vane and piston pumps. These include:

  • Eliminate costly oil changes. Save time/labor, new oil, Hazmat disposal of used oil
  • No risk of back-streaming oil contaminating the process and chamber
  • Green! Meet the increasing environmental concerns, corporate policies and EPA regulations

The nXDS series has the latest technological advancements and greatest benefits.

The XDS is the traditional design proven for many years in the real world, and has the lowest initial investment.


  • nXDS Series

    Edwards Vacuum nXDS dry scroll pumps have increased pumping speeds, lower ultimate pressures, reduced noise, and lower power consumption. A key feature is a variable frequency motor which reduces the RPM’s once the ultimate pressure is reached, and increases RPM as the process and pressure dictates, thus saving energy and wear on the tip seal and mechanical components.

    The tip seal is made of leading technology material that significantly extends life. Additionally the tip seal can be easily replaced by the end user in about 30 minutes.

    A gas ballast permits pumping of condensable vapors including water vapor and solvents, opening a new range of applications that were previously off-limits to dry scrolls.

  • XDS Series

    XDS scroll pumps have become the industry standard for dry pumping, providing a robust and clean vacuum pump solution for a range of applications and processes.