Mass Flow

Alicat Scientific instrumentation provides precise flow control and metering of gases based on atomic mass. Near-instantaneous reaction time (50ms control, 10ms metering, < 1 second warm-up) gives you complete and accurate process control. Each MFC is pre-programmed for over 130 different gases and gas mixtures, and custom blends are available. All units have NIST traceable calibration.

Unique technology of measured pressure drop over laminar flow (versus traditional thermal based logic) gives you the most flexibility in the field:

  • Variable flow range down to under 1% of maximum range with virtually no loss in accuracy.
  • Change gas selection in real time without accuracy loss or use of “K-factors”
  • Most communications protocols available: RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, and more
  • Pin-in connectors available for drop-in replacement of competitive units
  • Reduce cost for multiple dedicated instruments on your system or in inventory


  • Meters

    Alicat Scientific's M series digital / analog mass flow meter was designed to meet and exceed the requirements that customers place on mass flow meters: simplicity, accuracy, versatility, speed, size, repeatablility and dependability.

    There are currently over 22,000 Alicat products in service around the world. Alicat mass flow meters are being used in processes like leak detection, flow monitoring and atmospheric testing.

    All Alicat Scientific mass flow meter calibrations are NIST traceable.

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  • Controllers

    The Alicat Scientific MC-series Mass Flow Controllers can control up to 30 gases. One gas should be specified for the primary gas calibration. The MC-series mass flow controllers can be powered by 9v battery or 115V/60Hz AC adaptors. Fully controllable via the on-board display, Alicat Meters can also be controlled through FlowVision software on a PC. The MD8DB9 cable is included with the FlowVision Software.

    For use with a system, a 6 ft. cable(DC-61) or a 25 ft. cable(DC-251) can be purchased in the communication cable section. Only one connector is supplied with the cable (the 9 pin Din connector to connect to the Alicat MFC). The other end is left unsoldered so you may furnish your own connector.

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  • Cables and Power Adapters