Pascal represents:

(Not all products are represented in all territories. Please call to inquire for availability).

televac_4.jpggamma_logo.pngVacuum Instrumentation and Gauging
CTI_cryopump.jpgsynsysco_logo.pngCryopump repairs of CTI, Oxford Austin, Sumitomo, & other brands
kf40_cross.jpgVacuum Hardware and ChambersVacuum Hardware and Chambers
Dycor_LC_Series.jpgametek_logo.jpgResidual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) and Trace Analytical gas purity monitors
HVCS-2.5K_med_res.jpghvc_logo.pngDC Sputtering, Thermal Evap and E-beam Power Supplies
CP-81.jpgshi_cryo.jpgSumitomo cryopumps, helium compressors, related accessories and components
ALI-1000BihurCrystalAtomic Layer Injection Systems for deposition of organic or complex molecules