Pascal represents:

(Not all products are represented in all territories. Please call to inquire for availability).

nXDS6iEdwards VacuumFull range of Edwards Vacuum products, including Scrolls, Turbos, Ion Pumps, Mechanical Pumps, Leak Detectors, Valves & more
titan_4.pnggamma_logo.pngIon Pumps, controllers, TSPs and NEGs
televac_4.jpggamma_logo.pngVacuum Instrumentation and Gauging
CTI_cryopump.jpgsynsysco_logo.pngCryopump repairs of CTI, Oxford Austin, Sumitomo, & other brands
mfc.pngalicat_logo_2016.jpgMass Flow Controllers
kf40_cross.jpgVacuum Hardware and ChambersVacuum Hardware and Chambers
Dycor_LC_Series.jpgametek_logo.jpgResidual Gas Analyzers (RGAs) and Trace Analytical gas purity monitors
HVCS-2.5K_med_res.jpghvc_logo.pngDC Sputtering, Thermal Evap and E-beam Power Supplies
CP-81.jpgshi_cryo.jpgSumitomo cryopumps, helium compressors, related accessories and components
ALI-1000BihurCrystalAtomic Layer Injection Systems for deposition of organic or complex molecules