Alicat Mass Flow Meter - Standard View larger

Alicat Mass Flow Controller - Standard

  • Flow Ranges: 0.5SCCM - 3000SLPM
  • Response Time: 100ms
  • Accuracy: 0.2% of Full Scale

More details

  • Bidirectional Flow Output

More info

Designed to be used in a variety of applications, Alicat's Mass Flow Controllers use a patented laminar flow design to deliver extremely fast and linear mass flow measurement and control. Alicat's M-series Mass Flow controllers feature 30 on-board user selectable gas calibrations to eliminate the need to recalibrate when changing process gases, and come with a lifetime warranty.

The MC series mass flow controllers also measure pressure, temperature and volumetric flow, reducing the total number of instruments required.

Available options include:

  • High accuracy calibration
  • Closed Loop Pressure
  • Closed Loop Volumetric Flow
  • 6-Digit Totalizer
  • 15-pin D-Sub connector available w/various MFR pinouts (call)
  • Remote Display
  • Remote Electronics
Product Options
Peak Flow Rate    * Required
Primary Output    * Required
Secondary Output (not available with 6-pin Industrial Connector)
Analog Setpoint Input    * Required
Initial Gas Configuration

Each Alicat device comes pre-programmed with over 130 user-selectable gases. For convenience, you may choose to have Alicat preselect a gas other than Air at the factory (e.g. if you are ordering a large quantity to install and do not wish to have to set the gas on all the devices yourself). The 30 most common gases are listed below. If you wish to specify one not on this list, please call to request a quote.

Display Options    * Required
Standard Backlit Monochrome Display
Standard Backlit Monochrome Display
Color TFT Display
Color TFT Display
Remote Backlit Monochrome Display
Remote Backlit Monochrome Display
Remote TFT Color Display
Remote TFT Color Display
No Display
No Display
Connector Type
Additional Options
Bidirectional Flow Output
Factory default Loop setting of Pressure
Factory default Loop setting of Volumetric
Downstream Valve Position
High Accuracy Calibration
Set Averaging to Maximum
O2 Clean Certification (adds 15 days to lead time)
6-Digit Totalizer (please call to set resolution and rollover)